Student Data

We've been meeting more about analyzing student data to drive instruction.  In the past, I've used student data to find out what students have mastered, and objectives I may need to reteach. It was information just for me.

This year, I decided it was time to get the kids involved in all of this talk about data.  I'm hoping that promoting reflection will help them grow.

My kids took their first district math checkpoint several weeks ago.  I went over the questions, showing my thinking, talking through the problems.  This time, however, I had the kids track their progress on a Student Data Sheet.  They colored boxes green (correct answers) and yellow (incorrect answers). 

Front of Student Data Sheet

Next, students turned their data into a graph - did I mention I'm a math teacher?

Graphing on the back of Student Data Sheet.

Students read their data graph, and identified TWO categories where they felt successful.  They also selected ONE category where they wanted to improve.  Next, a goal for our next district checkpoint.

During guided math stations, students work on their goal by completing a list of assignments, or games - Huge thanks to Mrs. Russell for giving me options for the list!

The first item on the bucket list is to select an item from a binder with practice activities, one for each of the categories from the data sheet.

The remaining items are partner games, and online practice activities.  Once students have successfully completed the items, they have met their goal.

I really hope that getting the kids to analyze their own data will help them become more thoughtful mathematicians.

Do you have students study their data?

What do you have in place to help students meet their goals?

Is there a more efficient way to accomplish this task?

Three AWESOME things:

  1. I heard one of my students say, "Maybe we should read the directions first." YAY!
  2. I got to go to an awesome science training with one of my favorite co-workers.
  3. I may have found the perfect turkey recipe.

Hope this was helpful.  Please let me know what you think about this system.  Also, let me know what you have in place in your classroom.

Will keep you posted on how this goes!
Karina Vu