THIS is Why I Cook

These last few weeks have been tough for me as an educator.  Report card grades were due, parent-teacher conferences are in full swing, I've been inputting data, analyzing data, filling out paperwork, going to meetings and oh, yeah: teaching. All VERY important, but very draining.

Kids Deserve It came in at just the right time. I attended an edcamp where one of the authors, Todd Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd), gave away signed copies.

Todd Nesloney, and me.  I literally died.

Todd Nesloney, and me.  I literally died.

In Kids Deserve It, Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome (@awelcome) write about building relationships with kids and colleagues, being a connected educator, and carrying on even when people are giving you the "alien" look. 

The part that spoke to me this weekend was about DISconnecting.  "Do things that make you happy - things that have nothing to do with school."

I started thinking about the ways that I take care of me.

Work-out? Sometimes.

Massage? Not really my thing.

Meditate? Haven't really tried it.

But cooking...I LOVE cooking.  I love the planning, the prep, the cooking, the eating.  Thank goodness for a husband that likes to clean because that part...I don't really like.

I cook with books. I like trying new recipes, finding ones that are AMAZING and holding on to them.  I even like finding the ones that didn't work out so well and trying again until someone says, "Yeah, this is pretty good."

I cook with music. Plugging in my earbuds and jamming out to Elton John, or listening to my favorite podcasts makes me feel completely removed from everything around me.  I need that sometimes.  Time to really ignore #allthethings and just focus on food.

I cook to accomplish something, ANYTHING. Even after a long day of things not going so great - I know I can at least make a good meal.  Or burn what was supposed to be a good meal. Again, very thankful for my husband - he eats everything. Really.

I cook to celebrate. When my day is totally awesome and I want to explode and tell someone everything, I make dinner and talk about my day.

I cook to live.

"Do things that make you happy..." For sure.

"...things that have nothing to do with school."


I teach with books.

I teach with music.

I teach to accomplish something, anything.

I teach to celebrate.

I teach to live.

What are you doing to take care of YOU?