I Stopped Grading Papers

So I still put a grade in the gradebook - rules, you know? I still check for student understanding.

I do not put a grade at the top of the page, or anywhere else on the page, though sometimes I slip (old habits).

I remember watching a TED Talk by Rita Pierson - Every Child Needs a Champion. It's about building relationships with kids and making sure they know you care. Something else that really stuck with me was "plus 2." She tells about a time she gave a 20 question assignment and a kid missed 18. Instead of writing "-18" she wrote "+2" and a smiley face..so the kid would know "it ain't all bad."  Watch it for yourself for a little pick-me-up.

When I first started this grading experiment, I tried the Plus Points but it was confusing to some kids.  They thought everything was bonus points.  When I tried to explain Minus Three vs. Plus Seven, I got a lot blank stares. I didn't explain it well enough.

I moved on to Not Grading after that. Some students still ask for their grade, others can figure it out on their own.

What I like best about Not Grading is that kids don't talk about their grades.  I don't hear cheers for "good grades," I don't see sad faces for "not yet" grades.

When I pull kids for small group to review questions, they aren't slapped in the face by "not yet."

I don't know what else will come from Not Grading but I'm really enjoying it.

Three Good Things:
1 I'm ahead in my Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge
2 We're gearing up for fractions and I can't wait to try out some CAMT2017 stuff
3 Half Week meal prep is giving me WAY more time