Two Words Brought Me Patience

Today, I almost lost it.

I got this note from a student.


I just couldn't.

Didn't we explore this topic...a LOT?

Didn't I meet with you in small group?

Didn't I make this topic a station?

Didn't you see this on that fancy internet program?

But then it just HIT ME:

How lucky am I that my kids feel comfortable enough to write me notes that they need guidance?

How lucky am I that my kids know what they NEED?

How lucky am I to have to time to build in an extra few minutes to meet with my kids?

And so... I took a deep breath and said, "Alright kid, come see me with some colored pencils, and we'll see what we can do."

Her response, "YES! I KNEW I was next."

Very lucky.

Three things:
1 The weather has been BEAUTIFUL.

2 I've been getting really great sleep lately.
3 I won jeans for the rest of the year.