In the Beginning

It’s my inaugural post! And I’ve been playing around with ideas in my head since Karina put up her first post 10 days ago…. Oops! But it’s time to just go for it!

One of my ideas had to do with a post from Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez on June 10, 2015. She suggested teaching in “beta.” Like a website or app that’s not quite ready, you just go for it and work out the kinks later. So after several drafts, I figured…. Let’s launch in beta. I’m new to blog writing--- I’ll figure it out as a go.

So, that brings me to the purpose Yesterday’s Apples. Every day of our lives is kind of in beta. We live in this outrageously faced paced world and there’s so much of the new I want to be a part of while cherishing the old. There is so much to try and I want to succeed at it all. I want to teach and inspire and motivate. I want to come home and share a meal that I made with my husband. I want to exercise. I want to read. I want to write. I want to travel. But, some nights, I go to bed wondering what else should I have done in the day. Did I do enough?

Enter Yesterday’s Apples.

Apples are the symbol of teachers. A symbol of health. “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” Right? But, somedays, we just can’t get to that apple. It’s sits there in the fruit basket on the counter, waiting patiently for us to devour it to the core.

Yesterday. We’re only human. Including me and Karina. So we’re going to bring you our good ideas, a day after they happened. We’re just being realistic. And we hope that our ideas and suggestions about teaching, reading, being a homemaker will inspire your day and help you so you go to sleep thinking, “Wow! I did a lot today!” and if not, there’s always tomorrow.