5 Spelling Tests... That's right... FIVE.

So.. There's this train of thought that kids should be learning spelling patterns and applying them to all words rather than just memorizing a list every week and forgetting about it. I am totally on board with this, and I completely agree that it is better for student acquisition of how words in the English language should be spelled... because sometimes English makes no/know sense/since at all.

But... What this means for me as a teacher is that I give 4 spelling tests to one block of students and 5 to the other... That's right. I give 5 differentiated spelling tests to one class. (PS. this is partially because a computer algorithm thought creating a 2nd grade class that included GT students, special needs students and kids new to the country who don't speak English was a really great idea... don't get me started on that one.) What it also means is that I have to teach 9 different groups of kids what the rules are and how to apply them to their everyday writing. Which would be no problem if I didn't need to teach a reading mini-lesson, and a writing mini-lesson, and conference with those kids individually, and pull guided reading groups... Oh, and teach social studies...

So my question is... How do you manage this?! I need suggestions, because it is draining, and it makes me want to do spelling the old way or even not at all... And how do I efficiently teach all these different strategies, while doing everything else? I would love to embed it in my guided reading groups (I already do some word study there) but my guided reading groups and spelling groups don't overlap as nicely as I would like. I've considered video recording myself explain the rules and then share the links on our district's online platform. Has anyone tried this? 

Suggestions appreciated! It'll help me sleep better at night!